How We’re Different

Create competitive advantage for our clients. It’s not just our mission statement—it’s our passion.

Of course we offer the full slate of state-of-the-art standard fulfillment services that you’d expect from an industry leader. So what makes us the better choice for your fulfillment needs?

We’re glad you asked.

  • We enable creativity. Imagine it and we can support it. Our robust systems, knowledge and flexibility allow you to be as creative as you want to be. When we enhance our system capabilities to support a new initiative, all of our clients benefit.
  • We free marketers to be marketers. Let us handle the operational tasks such as stock acquisitions and management, publisher statement creation, promotion analysis and subscription accounting. You save time and focus on what you do best: marketing your brand.
  • We invest intelligently. We understand the importance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving marketplace. We continually enhance our infrastructure—developing, enhancing and acquiring the products and equipment necessary to stay one step ahead of our competition. But more importantly, we allow you to keep your brand one step ahead of your competition.
  • We leverage knowledge and experience. We have deep vertical expertise in every area of fulfillment, and we pride ourselves on staff stability and longevity. Through continual learning and resource and knowledge management, our clients know their teams are both rich in historical and tactical experience and focused on acquiring new, cutting-edge skills.
  • We enable advantages of scale. Big volume=big savings. Providing fulfillment to some of the world’s most widely read titles puts us at a unique advantage to help clients of all sizes with real savings on items such as bulk stock purchases, postage and cost options for customer care.
  • We partner closely. We want our clients to consider us their partner, not their vendor. We look for ways to help our clients make money and save money. Each one of our clients is assigned an on-site account manager that serves as an advocate for their needs.

Integrated Systems

Today’s publishers are constantly being challenged to introduce new products and platforms. As a world-class partner to world-class publishers, we understand how critical it is for your fulfillment provider to keep up with today’s changing landscape. At Time Customer Service, Inc., we’re not playing catch up: We’re always two steps ahead.

For example, our digital and print products are seamlessly integrated into a unified customer view, giving our clients all-in-one tracking capabilities in one centralized location—a rarity among magazine fulfillment companies today.

We continually invest in streamlined methods of collecting customer data to provide our clients with a consolidated summary of their subscribers. In today’s evolving digital marketplace, this allows you the opportunity to stay at the forefront of the latest technological advancements, track your customers’ buying behaviors and maintain customer satisfaction.

Think about it: no lag time between orders and no ancillary updates. Regardless of the channel of communication, our service- oriented architecture enables real-time customer care transactions.

Global Presence

Simply put – we are a global force within the magazine industry. Our worldwide presence helps us understand different sets of challenges while enabling us to test new, unique and cost-effective marketing platforms worldwide. With employee talent in Florida, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, South Africa, Philippine Islands and India, TCS and Time Inc. are international leaders in the magazine industry. We currently maintain over 70 of the largest publications in the world and 45 million+ subscribers. We’re responsible for the accounting of over $1 billion of domestic and international subscription revenue annually.

Whether digital or print, we support subscriptions in nearly every currency and country. We’re committed to providing our customers with extensive resources and a nimble, responsive fulfillment team to stay ahead of the evolving global marketplace.