Digital Solutions

ds-pic1Your readers expect a seamless, intuitive experience whether they subscribe to your magazine’s print edition, digital edition or both. Shouldn’t you demand the same level of ease, service and adaptability from your fulfillment partner? Our digital and print products are integrated into one customer database, providing a unified customer view and giving you access to our full suite of marketing capabilities.

As the number of digital subscriptions continues to increase, we’ve invested intelligently to keep ourselves and our magazine partners at the forefront of technology. In fact, our process of entitling and authenticating digital access for mobile devices, tablets and computers holds a U.S. patent. To date, we’ve managed more than 8 million digital registrations and more than 1 million digital entitlements per day.

Whether you’re working with Apple, Amazon, Adobe, Barnes & Noble, Google, Kobo, Zinio, Texterity or other digital providers, we can support your entitlement to provide an experience that’s intuitive, fast and secure.

Impact Your Bottom Line:

  • We offer print, digital or tiered subscriptions giving you the ability to create distinct offers and increase your ROI.

"TCS's greatest improvement has been with the digital space."

-Pam Gilberg, Wenner Media

"We have partnered well with TCS to build a state-of-the-art system for digital."

-Jon Malat, Time Inc.